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Water Damage

Water Damage

Water damage can be particularly devastating to a business. It interrupts the normal conduct of business and, in not taken care of, can have long lasting effects. A building’s health also conveys a particular impression on clientele. They will judge a business’s viability on the appearance, odor and first impression they have when visiting its facility. When a disaster strikes, such as a bad storm, hurricane or failure of internal mechanical systems, it can pose difficulties that can be unsurmountable for a business. Business owners need to address the damage as quickly and efficiently as possible. Not doing so can have dire results that impact the business over the long term.

When a disaster occurs, business owners should consider making one phone call before they call their insurance company – to a public adjuster. Public adjusters are advocates for the insured entity and work directly with the insurance company. Often, they are able to negotiate higher settlements than the insured would be able to receive. Actually, there are several types of adjusters.Public adjusters work for a state’s department of insurance. The other two types of adjusters are staff adjusters who are employed by the insurance company and independent adjusters who are contractors hired by insurance companies. Most public adjusterswork for a small percentage of the claim settlement. A few work for a flat fee. This can be negotiated when the business owner makes the initial contact to discuss their situation.

When a claim is made, an insurance company will send out their adjuster to make an assessment of the damage and make recommendations about a settlement with the client. By bringing in a public insurance adjuster, the client is bringing in an independent body to also make an assessment, offer recommendations and negotiate the final settlement. Public adjusters are familiar with the insurance companies’ operations and understand the requirements needed to recover from a damaging event. As mentioned, they are often able to negotiate a higher settlement than the business owner would be able to do on their own.

One note about water damage, the available coverage varies with each policy. Most often, policies do cover water damage from storm damage. They often do not cover damage from negligence or flooding. Businesses that are located in flood prone areas should consider investing in the National Flood Insurance Program for additional protection. Business owners should regularly review their policy and talk with their agent to determine whether additional coverage is needed.

Water damage can have a devastating impact on a business but business owners need to act quickly when it occurs. Of course, their insurance provider will need to be contacted so that the business can resume operation as quickly as possible. However, business owners need to consider contacting their state’s department of insurance to retain a public adjuster. It makes good business economic sense.

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Accidental Damage Insurance Claim Fort Lauderdale

Accidental Damage Insurance Claim

Nobody plans on facing damages in their home or business. Typically, this type of damage is completely accidental. When your property has been damaged, you need the help of an accidental damage insurance claim to get the proper funds for repairs. If you’ve already filed a claim, or if you’re just starting out with your accidental damage insurance claim, you need to call a public adjuster to make sure everything works in your favor.

How can a public adjuster help with my accidental damage insurance claim?

Whether it’s your home or your business that’s been damaged, you need a skilled public adjuster to make the most of your accidental damage insurance claim. That’s because your insurance company has someone fighting on their behalf, and you deserve the same. Your insurance company’s adjusters are working to pay you as little as possible for your accidental damage insurance claim. But with a public adjuster on your side, you can work for the best insurance settlement possible.

A skilled public adjuster can make all the difference in your insurance settlement!

Public adjusters work day in and day out to help with accidental damage insurance claims. Damages can be caused by many situations, including:

  • Storm Damage
  • Leaking Appliances
  • Sewage Leaks
  • Slab Leaks
  • Fire
  • Theft
  • Vandalism
  • Dropped Objects
  • Fallen Objects
  • & More

Any situation that accidentally causes damage to your home or business may qualify for an accidental damage insurance claim. It all depends on the cause and type of damage. Calling a public adjuster can help you understand whether or not you have an accidental damage insurance claim on your hands.

What difference does a public adjuster make?

A public adjuster can help with your accidental damage insurance claim in many ways. First, a public adjuster will work on your behalf. These professionals understand the best techniques to take for getting the best settlement possible.

A public adjuster will work to properly document your damage with many different tools, including photographs and measurements of the damage. A public adjuster may also help obtain proper estimates to better file your accidental damage claim.

If your home or business has been damaged, you need the best repairs possible. You’ve been paying your insurance for so long, now it’s time to let them pay you! With a knowledgeable public adjuster, you can make the most of your accidental damage insurance claim. Don’t let your insurance company underpay or even deny your claim. Call a public adjuster today!

Business Interruption Claims Fort Lauderdale

Business Interruption Claims

People purchase insurance to cover expenses that may or may not occur. For example, you purchase car insurance to help offset the costs of an auto accident. The same concept applies to business interruptions. When damages prevent your business from operating, the costs can grow exponentially. You want to make sure that your business interruption claim is going to be paid as well as possible. A public adjuster’s job is to help you get the highest payment for your business interruption claims. If your business has been damaged, it’s time to call a public adjuster.

How do business interruption claims work?

There are some similarities between business interruption claims and other insurance claims, such as home damage claims. Your insurance company will send a professional to assess the damage. This may be done over the phone, by letter or in person as well. The adjuster sent by your insurance company has your insurer’s best interests at heart. It’s their goal to pay you as little as possible for your damages and business interruption costs.

This is why it’s so important to call a public adjuster for your business interruption claims. A public adjuster will help ensure that you get the best settlement for your business interruption claim. This includes steps such as proving the damage through the latest tools and using the right data to substantiate related economic losses.

Typically, your insurance company will request certain documents to show monetary losses. This can include:

  • Monthly Inventory
  • Invoices
  • Purchase orders
  • Monthly Profit & Loss Statements
  • Daily Reports
  • Cost Accounting Reports

With these pieces of information, your insurer can better assess your monetary losses. The right public adjuster can help you find the most accurate documentation and evidence for material and financial losses.

What are causes of business interruptions?

No matter where you live, business interruptions are always a possibility. There are many reasons business owners file business interruption claims, including:

  • Flood
  • Fire
  • Power Failures
  • Faulty Manufacturing
  • Storm
  • Hurricanes
  • Tornadoes
  • Machinery Malfunctioning
  • Vandalism
  • Collapse

Any damage that prevents your business from operating at full capacity can be a catastrophic business interruption circumstance. But with business interruption claims, many businesses are recouping the necessary funds to fix their business, and to cover the financial loss of missed income and revenue.

Finding help for business interruption claims

When you’re facing a business interruption, things can seem really overwhelming. Worse yet, dealing with your insurance company may prove more frustrating than helpful. Maybe your insurer is giving you the runaround, or maybe they’ve denied your business interruption claim.

Whenever you’re dealing with a business interruption claim, bring in the help of a public adjuster. Your insurance company has someone fighting on their behalf, and you deserve the same. Whether you’re just starting on your business interruption claim or you need help with an existing or denied claim, there’s a public adjuster that can help. Call your public adjuster now to get the best help for making the most of your business interruption claim.

Dnied Insurance Claims Fort Lauderdale

Denied Insurance Claims

The only thing worse than damage in your home or business is a denied claim for said damage. Denied insurance claims shouldn’t be the end of the road, though. If your insurance company has denied your claim, you may still be able to fight for a settlement. There are public adjusters that offer the best support for denied insurance claims, fighting to bring the best solutions to your situation. If you’re facing a denied or underpaid insurance claim, don’t take no for an answer! Call a public adjuster to help reopen and fight your claim.

How do you fight denied insurance claims?

To understand the best ways to fight denied insurance claims, it’s important to understand why many insurance companies may deny insurance claims. Typically, the claim may be denied due to lack of documentation or improper estimates. With the help of a public adjuster, you can reopen your claim and fight for the proper insurance settlement.

There are many ways a public adjuster can help with denied insurance claims. First, an adjuster may document your damages in another way. They may take steps to better document your damage, or they may seek out more accurate repair estimates.

Public adjusters work with insurance companies day in and day out, and they understand the best ways to fight denied insurance claims.

Whether you’re working through home or business claims, when a claim is denied, things can be very frustrating. But a public adjuster can help you fight your denied insurance claim, working for the best settlement possible.

What about underpaid claims?

Maybe your insurance company didn’t deny your insurance claim, but they did underpay your claim. If you didn’t get all the money you’re entitled to, it’s time to call a public adjuster! Public adjusters can help with denied and underpaid insurance claims as well.

You need the largest settlement possible to rebuild after damages. Denied insurance claims won’t help you rebuild your home or business. But, a public adjuster can help you fight a denied claim. If you’re facing a denied claim, it’s time to call a public adjuster to get the best help.

When your claim is underpaid, it’s hard to find the right money to get everything back together. But, your property deserves the very best repairs around. There’s no reason to let a denied or underpaid insurance claim hold you back. There are public adjusters that can help. To get the best help possible, call a public adjuster today!

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