People purchase insurance to cover expenses that may or may not occur. For example, you purchase car insurance to help offset the costs of an auto accident. The same concept applies to business interruptions. When damages prevent your business from operating, the costs can grow exponentially. You want to make sure that your business interruption claim is going to be paid as well as possible. A public adjuster’s job is to help you get the highest payment for your business interruption claims. If your business has been damaged, it’s time to call a public adjuster.

How do business interruption claims work?

There are some similarities between business interruption claims and other insurance claims, such as home damage claims. Your insurance company will send a professional to assess the damage. This may be done over the phone, by letter or in person as well. The adjuster sent by your insurance company has your insurer’s best interests at heart. It’s their goal to pay you as little as possible for your damages and business interruption costs.

This is why it’s so important to call a public adjuster for your business interruption claims. A public adjuster will help ensure that you get the best settlement for your business interruption claim. This includes steps such as proving the damage through the latest tools and using the right data to substantiate related economic losses.

Typically, your insurance company will request certain documents to show monetary losses. This can include:

  • Monthly Inventory
  • Invoices
  • Purchase orders
  • Monthly Profit & Loss Statements
  • Daily Reports
  • Cost Accounting Reports

With these pieces of information, your insurer can better assess your monetary losses. The right public adjuster can help you find the most accurate documentation and evidence for material and financial losses.

What are causes of business interruptions?

No matter where you live, business interruptions are always a possibility. There are many reasons business owners file business interruption claims, including:

  • Flood
  • Fire
  • Power Failures
  • Faulty Manufacturing
  • Storm
  • Hurricanes
  • Tornadoes
  • Machinery Malfunctioning
  • Vandalism
  • Collapse

Any damage that prevents your business from operating at full capacity can be a catastrophic business interruption circumstance. But with business interruption claims, many businesses are recouping the necessary funds to fix their business, and to cover the financial loss of missed income and revenue.

Finding help for business interruption claims

When you’re facing a business interruption, things can seem really overwhelming. Worse yet, dealing with your insurance company may prove more frustrating than helpful. Maybe your insurer is giving you the runaround, or maybe they’ve denied your business interruption claim.

Whenever you’re dealing with a business interruption claim, bring in the help of a public adjuster. Your insurance company has someone fighting on their behalf, and you deserve the same. Whether you’re just starting on your business interruption claim or you need help with an existing or denied claim, there’s a public adjuster that can help. Call your public adjuster now to get the best help for making the most of your business interruption claim.